Beach, BBQ and Blues! This evening’s festivities will feature networking, great conversation, inspiring stories and a night full of food, fun and smokin’ hot entertainment featuring “Toots Lorraine & The Traffic”!

While every blues fan knows you have listen to the “old” to find something “new”. It is a precious rarity when the opposite is true and such is the case with Toots Lorraine & The Traffic. The band delivers a focused blend of classic vibe that will drench your soul with the vintage sounds of West Coast Jump Blues and Swing as you board the train for destination “way back” where everything is, well… easy. Toots will take your ticket, let you on board and, as you roll down the tracks, the band will keep your glass filled with just the right measures of hollow body guitars, reverb tanks, upright basses, harmonicas, pianos and organs. And, you will swear to yourself, “I ain’t getting off this train”.

The evening will start with a cocktail reception in the Exhibit Hall with hosted bars and light hors d’oeuvres. Following the reception, you’ll enjoy a lavish “BBQ Shack” inspired buffet dinner with menus built from a foundation of seasonal ingredients from the resorts locality on the Florida-Georgia line. So whether you come dressed in casual linen beach attire, your whitest whites or your Tommy Bahamas, be ready for this Beach, BBQ and Blues Bash!